Integrity Testing

Pile Integrity Testing

InmotionUK Ltd is a specialist provider of pile integrity testing techniques to assess the condition of concrete pile foundations. Using the latest portable system, the PET Pro (Pile Echo Tester), we are able to conduct an advanced analysis on the integrity of the installed piles; includes highlighting any major structural defects and/or anomalies along the length of the pile. The specially developed equipment is lightweight, portable and produces rapid results. Analysis can be carried out instantly on-site, to confirm the length of the foundation and depth of any existing defects.

The PET Pro system features powerful software analysis program to enable a more detailed analysis of changes in pile section and the influence of soil.

In normal conditions we can easily test up to 60 piles per day, increasing to 200 where access and conditions are particularly good.

Integrity Tester
  • Compliant with ASTM D5882-16
  • Compliant with AFNOR P160-2,4
  • IP67 Waterproof System
  • Pile lengths from 2m to 80m
  • Extremely Accurate
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