Piling is no longer a project burden with InmotionUK Ltd, the modern day piling company

InmotionUK Ltd take a new-age approach to piling. Unlike our competitors and the large corporate companies we ensure our clients get exactly what they pay for with no hidden extras, additions or clauses that would usually be added at the end or throughout. Join the movement, be in the know, and more importantly, know what you are getting. We can ensure the historical fears that derived around piling are a thing of the past!

Here at InmotionUK Ltd we take a Turn-Key approach with Piling offering the full package. We have the capacity to both design & lay the piling mat, design and install the piles, whilst attending the rig to remove the spoil. This offering eliminates the need for our clients to arrange an external Groundworks business to both lay the piling mat and attend the rig for the duration. We have found with this offering our clients make a vast saving in both time and cost. For any enquiries please don't hesitate in contacting us.

Piling Methods

  • Contiguous Flight Auger (CFA)
  • Sectional Flight Auger (SFA)
  • Down the Hole Hammer (DTH)
  • Cased CFA / SFA
  • Drop Hammer / Driven
  • Rotary
  • Sheet

Piling Types

  • Bearing 
  • Contiguous
  • Secant
  • King Post
  • Diaphram



We cover medium to large scale piling projects for developers, architects and individuals. We cover a range of piling methods, please see above for the full range.


We have covered all aspects of commercial piling, ranging from temporary works, ground stabilisation, to large scale pre-boring contracts. Please see above for full range.


We have undertaken some complex piling projects on the rail with both CFA and Rotary. Please see below for the full range of methods and types we undertake.